When you write article do you often feel like they aren’t what you want them to be?  Do they often seem boring, when you desire something ‘Red Hot’?  Well, you can make readers want to read your articles and hear all of what you have to say.

All it takes is simply making your articles worth reading, and this is easy if you know these few key points and remember success is simply doing it right, and constantly trying.

  1. Step 1 teaches: “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” or really how to use great attention-grabbing titles!  If your tittles can entice a person to pull up your article, chances are they will read the rest of your article, and possibly visit your website.  Use bold statements and questions that employ keywords that people are searching for.  Make them draw your reader in, wanting to know more.
  • “Make Him Yours With Just One Word.”  Titles that command almost always create a pull in towards an article, especially if it reaches out to and plays with a person’s emotions.
  • Determine who your audience is and what will be the best way to get them to listen.  Logos, Ethos and Pathos; How can you persuade?
  1. Use short paragraphs.  Articles with long paragraphs seem endless, and do not make the reader want to read them, they will quickly move along to find an article easier to read.  Remember that paragraphs can even be one single sentence, and sometimes even just one word.  Variations in paragraph and sentence lengths grab the reader’s attention and make it easier for them to keep going. Like right now.
  2. Use numbers or bullets.  Breaking up each key point with numbers and bullets draws your audience to them giving them a desire to read them.
  • This also adds depth to your article giving it a sense of “pizzazz,” and creates a flow away from boring everyday articles.
  1. But, that is not all.  You can always get a fish to nibble on the line, but your goal is to reel them in and take them home. You have to keep your audience interested from beginning to end; Doing this can often be difficult especially with impatient readers.
  • Don’t let your line break right before you have them in hand, use personal examples to keep them holding on.  Personal examples make the reader feel connected to you, and want to keep reading.
  • Also, use metaphors and similes to make your statements interesting and fun to explore. This creates easy imagery for the audience, just be sure not to overdo it, and your points will be driven home.
  1. State the facts.  Most people like statistics and strong statements that command authority.  Figures such as these raise your article to new heights as you prove to your reader that you know what you are talking about.  Make it bold, but not too formal, you also want your reader to feel comfortable and for them to flow straight through your article.


BAM!  There you have it.  You now know 5 extremely simply ways to make your articles Red Hot and Must Reads.  All you have to do now is write, and reel in your readers.