If you can to convince a potential customer that there are hundreds of people lined up to buy your product, then it would be a piece of cake for you to convince them to purchase your product. This is where the use of great Social Proof comes into play.

In order to become successful with a business here are some key tips on what to include to prove yourself socially:

First, have a true testimonial section for your product. Post comments and feedback that you have received for your product, so that people will know for sure that other people want what you have, making them feel like they should want it too. This step is used often now days, and though it is effective, it is not all that you need to make the sale.

The other aspect that makes viral marketing so powerful is the trust factor and social proof that a company gains by it. Think about it. Which is more likely to influence whether or not you buy a product, a friend recommending the product or a marketer telling you to buy the product? The answer is simple – your friend holds more influence over what you buy, think about a product or site. Why? Because your friend because you know, like, and trust him more than the marketer. In addition, you know your friend is giving you the recommendation to help you while the marketer is telling you to get the product because they want your money.

You also need to have other sites do a case study on your product. For example you could give free samples to people and have them do a case study or survey. This tells your potential customer what experience others had with your product and what they recommend, it also give you more credibility as a vendor, especially if it’s from a credible source. Then you should write an article that would review your product and post it on sites such as www.WrittenInTheUsa.com. The more you get the word out there, the more sales you will get.

Next, create a sense of Urgency for your product before and after the launch. Limit the quantity of your product and work on influencing your audience that this product is so huge that it will be sold out within days of launch! Let them know how many people are waiting to peek at it and how many wants to buy it from you. If EVERYBODY wants it then they need it, this is the feeling you will give them, and with it, your product really will be sold out within days.

The more people you get to believe in your great product, then the more acceptable your product becomes. All you need to do is utilize the power of social proof.

Have the right product and use social proof with the right motives, and this can be a powerful marketing tool for you. The amount of success you will find simply by using social proof is astounding, so what are you waiting for? Start Social Proofing NOW and see how easy it is to make more money more often.