Do you want to be successful online? Then you need to increase the traffic flow to your site so that everyone can see what you have to offer. To help you do this below are the Top 10 best ways to create a viral effect and increase your online success!
1. Write Articles: This is the absolute best and one of the easiest ways to create traffic flow to your website. All you have to do is write articles about who you are and what you do, products you sell, why you are worth it for customers, and things like that. Testimonial quotes always enhance these. The more articles you write or have written, the easier it will be for Google to recognize you as an expert author so that more people will see your name when they search for what you have.
2. Submission: But you can’t just write articles! You also need to submit them all across the web to different social media sites, and connect them with authoritative links. This is what will really get Google to notice you. If you have a lot of submissions and links connecting your article to the web and back to your homepage, then your site will rise to the top page. This means that when someone searches your product the chance that they will purchase from you will increase immensely. Social media marketing is crucial for online success!
3. Social Networking: This ties hand in hand with social media marketing. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, and YouTube. Social Networking sites such as those are highly ranked by Google. They bring in a lot of traffic to your site simply by posting small blogs or videos on them, because over a million people are using them every single day.
4. Lots of Social Networking: Not only do you just want to post things for your business on your personal site, but it is a great idea to set up a business site for facebook, twitter, Squidoo, etc. This gives you twice as many people to see it, and creates a more professional feel for your company, which is always a positive aspect to have.
5. Awesome Keywords: Remember that when you are posting your articles you are using strong headlines and tags that people are searching for. Think to yourself, if I were searching this, what would I type in Google, in order to find it; those are the types of words others use. and if you use them, your search will pop up even quicker.
6. BAM!! Headline: Have a strong, magnifying headline, title, and/or thumbnail that catches your readers attention, so that when they are searching you are definitely the one they pick. Leave a great first impression with them, making them want to keep coming back to you.
7. Blog It: Posting your work onto blog sites as well and the other social media networking sites is extremely effective as well. This will let others comment on your work, share your content, and be able to connect with you on a more personal level creating a customer connection.
8. Email: If you can send emails out to large groups of people, the chance for you to go viral will be great. If you send it to your contacts, and they like it enough, then there is a huge chance that they will forward it to their contacts and your information will spread like wild fire. If you are searching to bring in heavy traffic to your site, this is definitely an effective step you won’t want to pass up.
9. “Shout, Shout, Let it All Out”: Word of mouth is one of the strongest and most effective ways to get your name out into the world. If you tell your friends to tell their friends, word will spread fast. Even better if a customer comes in and has a great experience, and then tells her friends about it. This is free testimonial marketing and will tell more people not only that you and your company exists, but also that you are great at what you do.
10. Be Involved: The last Top 10 way to create a viral effect for your online business is to be connected online and interact with others. You want others to read your articles, so why not read some of theirs. “What goes around, comes around.” Read and comment on articles and product testimonials that relate to you and your business. Suggest things that you think could help them, and listen to what they have to say. This will build a connection and a circle of interaction. As you help them, they will also help you and your business will grow even more.

These are the Top 10 ways to create a successful Viral Effect for your online business, and if you follow them, an enormous amount of success will follow. People from all over will be flowing in to see what you have to offer, and then it is up to you to give them the best.