Whether you are a student that has difficulty with English grammar, someone who considers themselves to be a writer, without having finished that first book, or a businessman or woman that dislikes writing proposals or business plans, you probably are wishing that there was convenient, cost-effective way you could do what needs to be done without doing it yourself.

Good news! Articles and Submissions, LLC can help!

Just give them an idea of what you would like the essay to cover, and they will cover it. There is quite a process to provide a professional level article. First they research and then they write. Then they review and edit the paper. If they miss anything, or if there is anything you would like to add, just let them know and they will revise it. The essays become your personal property when complete.

For business plans, they can write projections, add charts and graphs and images, and organize your new organization complete with table of contents, bibliography, and addendums if necessary.

ArticleandSubmissions.com also provide ghost writing services. If you want to write a book, just get with them. They will get the information from you and either record it with you or have you record it. Then they will transcribe it, revise paragraphs and chapters, edit it and add to it if there are pieces missing. Then you will get to review and revise it before they make final revisions. Lots of books have been written with ghost writers without anyone knowing it because the author of the information receives all the credit for the book, not the ghost writer.

Even people who have always wanted to write a book, but never thought they could because of their limited writing skills find themselves as best sellers because of ghost writing teams like Articles&Submissions.

So if you need a business plan, essay or book written for you, A&S guarantees your happiness.