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Paying Attention to your Worst Customers


In Jeff Jarvis’ informative book “What Would Google Do?” he discusses how your worst customer is your best friend. When it comes to online business, the key is to create positive, mutually beneficial relationships with all your customers – even those who have previously experienced you when you might not have been at your best.

Go online and find out what people are saying about you. If you don’t know what people are saying about you, whether it’s good or bad, you won’t have adequate information to either improve or maintain your product line or level of service. If they are upset at you, you will see them blog about it on their own blogs and on several social sites. Complaints are more helpful than disgruntled customers who never buy from you again. At least these people give you a chance to (more…)

Feedback Survey Software


How much time should you dedicate toward constructing your feedback survey? The simplest answer is, a lot. Thinking through the kind of information that you want to get out of your customers and website visitors is essential to the process. A good customer feedback survey has to meet numerous criteria. Let’s take a moment and examine a few.

Asking the right questions is obviously critically important to the success of your feedback survey. A feedback survey is really only as good as the questions that it asks. But simply asking the questions that you want answered is really not enough to get the job done.

Your feedback survey should be loaded with questions that are written and conceived in such a fashion that they extract the most amount of information possible, but do so in a quick and user-friendly manner. You want your customers and website users to have a feedback survey in front of them that is purposefully created with a sharp and precise end goal in mind. This goal is learning as much as possible in the fewest number of questions.

Keeping your feedback survey short, but expertly crafted and laser focused, is vital in creating a successful feedback survey. While the experts will create an elegantly designed feedback survey for you, it is important that you think about what you what to know the most from your customers.

Creating a list of the most desirable information that you wish to glean from your clients is an excellent place to start. In this way, you will orient your thinking toward what you wish your targeted feedback survey to accomplish.


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