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Save Time, Make More Money with Articles &!


Do you have an online business that isn’t making as much money and you know it could? Would you like a guaranteed increase in your online targeted traffic without paying an arm and a leg?

Articles and Submissions, LLC can provide you with more traffic to your website every month by writing and submitting relevant articles about your company and your products. It’s a time-consuming job that requires the skills of U.S. college students and graduates to write and edit the articles before they go online. then sends the articles to article directory and social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, You Tube, HubPages, Posterous, Drop Jack, and (more…)

Top 10 Ways to Create a Viral Effect


Do you want to be successful online? Then you need to increase the traffic flow to your site so that everyone can see what you have to offer. To help you do this below are the Top 10 best ways to create a viral effect and increase your online success!
1. Write Articles: This is the absolute best and one of the easiest ways to create traffic flow to your website. All you have to do is (more…)



This Generation is a generation of online trafficking and communicating online. Now days, if you are not online, you are not known. Therefore, the obvious way to become known is to get your name out on the internet. With Affiliates, it is important that you build many roads linking back to you, so that anywhere people go they can find you and you can make that sale.
This process is quite simple and extremely necessary to having a successful site and being a great affiliate to companies. (more…)

“Make Your Articles ‘MUST READS’ in Just 5 Steps”


When you write articles, do you often feel like they aren’t what you want them to be? Do they often seem boring when you desire something ‘Red Hot’? Well, you can make readers want to read your articles and hear everything you have to say.

All it takes is simply making your articles worth reading, and this is easy if you do with these few key points. Remember, success is simply doing it right, and constantly trying.

1. Step 1 teaches: “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” or really how to use great attention-grabbing titles! (more…)

Top 10 Strategies to Successful Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is probably one of the fastest, most wide spread, forms in which communication is growing. Great networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, HubPages, and blogging sites. Unfortunately these sites are often not used to the best of their ability for social media marketing because people are simply not informed. Now you will be.

Below are the TOP 10 ways to obtaining success within the Social Media Marketing world. Simply read, absorb, and apply, and you will receive the greatest outcome for your company, product, brand and yourself as you become an efficient communicator in social media marketing.

1. Be Personal– If you want to grow your network of followers with whom you will build trust, personalize your own profile. Do not turn your profile into a billboard for your company and/or product. You should instead be yourself and personalize your profile with a few things that let people get to know you. Be simple and honest. The more they know and trust you, the (more…)

How to Graduate from Social Media Optimization University



I have four nephews and nieces that just graduated from high school this last week, along with a brother and a three nephews who graduated from college in their respective fields. Graduations make us take a step back and come to grips with what we have done this year vs. what we said we would do this year.

Those of us with businesses associated in one way or the other with the internet are prone to ask ourselves what have we learned this year? What book, manual, program, or system have we uncovered to make this year more successful than last year? Regarding social media optimization, the best school I have found is Building Social Equity 2.0 as taught by Garrett Peirson.

His course in social media optimization doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. But after searching and learning, and researching all twenty modules of Building Social Equity 2.0, you will have graduated ready to make the changes, updates, and modifications required to be successful in today’s online business world.

Here are a few of the modules Garrett covers to optimize your social media experience:

To Increase Your Social Media Marketing, Think of the Search Engines as Your Customers


If you want to improve your on-line presence, and all of us involved with social media marketing do, try thinking of the search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo as your customers.  Imagine that each one of your web pages is a treasure chest, and your customers, the search engines, want to know what is inside of it!

Help search engines open the treasure chests within your website by acting upon the following advice:

  1. All of your web pages need to link to each other.  But don’t make visitors or the search engines make more than two clicks to access every page.  One click access is even better.  Some web designers mistakenly believe that the more complex each web page is, the more visible it will be to the search engines.  This is not true.  Your online visitors and Google want their experience on your website to be as simple “flat” as possible.  Social media marketing is all about helping others in any way possible.  Search engines know how frustrating it is for customers if they have to go through four or five layers to get to where they want to go – and they judge your site accordingly.  To find out more about this topic, you can review Google’s downloadable Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.  However, before you leave, here are a few more recommendations you should heed.
  2. When possible, keep each web page’s address or URL clean and short – without any weird punctuation marks, equal signs, or underscores.  Also, make sure you use detailed, relevant keywords in the address that are pertinent to the information on the page. You will lose ground with your attempts to improve social media marketing and the search engines will dock you if your web page’s address has little to do with the actual content on the page itself.
  3. Name your website.  You might overlook the title bar at the top of each browser window, but search engines don’t!  Give each page a keyword-driven, concise, title.  If you sell knit beanies, for example, don’t title your page “Keep your head warm.”  Instead, title it “Hand Knit Beanies.”
  4. Be as descriptive as possible for the search engines in the descriptive fields as you are finishing the page and getting ready to publish it.  Think about this area as the text in a catalog.  In order to improve your social media marketing through smart search engine optimization techniques, you must grab the attention of the reader, and the description must be relevant to its web page.
  5. Include a h1 heading tag to every article.  Without an h1 heading tag on each page of your website, search engine crawlers will have trouble understanding your content just as if you would have trouble reading an article that didn’t have a headline.


Your Social Media Marketing Should Include Creating and Distributing Relevant Videos!


The fact is that search engines are now giving preferential treatment to videos. It is their attempt to provide online shoppers with a better variety of specialized content when searching for our keywords. One company, Forrester Research, reports that compared with standard SEO and social media marketing optimization techniques, a properly submitted (and relevant) video is 50 times more likely to achieve a first-page Google ranking.

In the past, when we searched for a topic, take trust seals, for example, we were provided with relevant articles and news on how they increase a website’s conversion rates. Then came fresh, newly conceived, yet highly related blog posts telling how effective trust seals are at helping websites build high levels of trust with their visitors – turning more of them into valued customers.

After that, the search engines began including pertinent photos about what a trust seal looks like. With the photo, a link would take us right to the business selling the trust seal, making the process clean and convenient.

But photos were given more privileges, in many ways, than most content-driven articles and posts simply because it was different. Search engines were quick to rank relevant photos higher than equally useful content. Few complained as searching become more colorful.

Then YouTube showed up and offered the ability to find out about trust seals by watching a relevant video – much more attention-grabbing and in many cases just as informative as reading an article!


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