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Three Rules For Social Media


by S.A. Brandley

It took while for the world to embrace social media, and even more time before I saw major ad companies start to realize what the rest of the population had known for a while: social media is wonderful. When they did blow the dust off their keyboards and log on, they proceeded to bombard the internet with old fashioned, annoying advertisements and commercials. While I’m sure this worked to a degree, it’s clear it did not go as they had planned and someone needed to teach them the rules of social media marketing.

When working with children I often find myself trying, somewhat desperately, to get them out of trees, or the mud. The best way to do this is by setting up rules before the children can go and play. Some of my rules for these youngsters include no fighting with sticks, no kicking, no playing in the dirt and mud, the big kids have to be nice to the little kids, no yelling, and absolutely NO pretend wars with the other children. These rules may seem hard to the youth, but I explain my reasons and, for the most part, it works to my advantage.

Although we are adults, the same principles apply to our lives, especially when it comes to the internet, and social media marketing. We sometimes get caught up in the mud, or the bad, of online marketing, only to find ourselves at war with the internet (SOPA, PIPA, or ACTA).

The solution is simple. We must set up rules and guild lines as we do with children and become aware  of our surroundings in order to better understand why things are done certain ways.

That is one of the main differences between children and adults; children see the change… but don’t understand it. We must come to understand the social media world and embrace its changing nature.  If you want to really make social media work in favor of your business, taking the time to understand will give you a leg up on and even help you beat out the big kids in the industry.

To get you and your business going, here are three terrific rules:

Rule 1: Be Yourself

I’ve heard the Internet described as the world’s largest water cooler. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing your product. Nobody is OK with being shouted at, particularly not to buy some random thing you weren’t even looking for. However, in a conversation where questions are asked, pertinent answers can be given and relationships are formed.

This is how social media marketing works as well. If you want to be an effective social marketer, BE YOURSELF. Be conversational and casual. Your product is so good it sells itself right? Let it. Tell people about it in casual terms.

People of all ages enjoy movies. Make a movie showing what your product does to allow them to see the answers to most of their questions with their own eyes.

Ask a repeat customer if they’d mind telling their friends where they made their purchase. People rely on word of mouth more than commercials anyway because it comes from people they trust. They’ll know you have something of worth quicker than you’d think. It’s a matter of treating the internet like a lunch with friends rather than a super bowl spot.

Rule 2: Think Before you Post

We’ve all heard stories about people getting fired over a Facebook status or Tweet. What a lot of companies don’t understand is that, online, your company is viewed as just another individual in a way. What you say, how you say it, and what you don’t say is quickly analyzed and results in a certain type of image.

It needs to be as carefully cultivated as your personal appearance. Want your company to have a friendly, approachable feel? Market that way. Respond to personal inquiries with warmth and understanding and communicate casually with your clientele. Encourage discussion and suggestion on how you can improve… and listen and apply what they say.

Want to kill your social media campaign? Be annoying, offensive, rude, indifferent or preachy. Just like people in the real world, it turns out that nobody wants to hang out at a company website that promotes that kind of stuff either. Think before you post. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Rule 3: Use the Social Media Platforms that Reflect Your Company

There are hundreds of heavily used social media platforms out there. You have a business to run. How in the world are you supposed to keep track of all of them, much less establish a presence for your company on them?

The answer is that you don’t. Let 90% of them slide because they aren’t remotely related to what you do. You are enabled as never before to reach the people looking for your product. Focus on them and the sites they frequent. Sometimes that is hard to determine because there are numerous sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that cover a variety of demographics.

Consider finding a more complete social media marketing tutorial online or a training course through a company that specializes in the industry. Before you buy, use the internet they claim to know all about to verify the effectiveness of their work.

Are their ads, posts, and videos annoying as can be? If so, head elsewhere because your customers will think you are too. Do they peak your interest and drive you forward? You’ve found a keeper. All companies claim to be industry innovators, but remember their “innovation” needs to reflect your identity as a company and your relationship with your clients.

So there you have it: the three basic rules for social media marketing. And “Wow!” I hope more people followed them and stay out of the muck and IN the marketing of social media.


How To Become a Social Media Marketer


The world of social marketing communication is enhancing thanks to great social media devices such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Hubpages, and Squidoo. Billions of people all across the world are communicating to each other and subconsciously advertising for companies and businesses. If I am looking for a product I am most likely going to post something on Facebook or Twitter and get the opinions of people I trust. This allows them to advertise for the company as well as for me to advertise for it when my friends see and read my post. Word of mouth is the fastest and best way to get a product or company out there, and with social media, marketing becomes easy.
Here are some useful steps guaranteed to get the word out there and use social media for marketing more than twice as fast as it would simply using SEOs:

  • Become a social media marketer by setting up a few pages on social media properties like Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Weebly, Tumblr and HubPages. These are topically related sites to drive additional traffic and links to your site.
  • Construct social bookmarking on accounts like: Delicious, StumbleUpon, BizSugar, Yahoo My Web, Faves, Simpy and Google Bookmarks. These are used to link and promote any page where you leave comments. They tie you to other forms of communicating spreading your range of voice out farther than social hosting sites.
  • Engage the audience in an honest discussion about what they need and how the brand fulfills that need. Do not push the audience towards your product, but instead try to PULL them into you.
  • Provide actual facts and examples, and you will be rewarded. Inform and educate the audience. Tell a relevant story that is happening now. Encourage them to add commentary to the narrative.
  • Create a topical conversation about the brand, then “listen” to the responses. Learn from these posts to develop a clearer understanding of what people are interested in, what is relevant to them, and what motivates them to gravitate towards particular products and services. Respond quickly and efficiently. Embrace “user generated content” and customers will welcome your brand. Create a dialogue that makes them search for the product. Make them come to you for your social media marketing skills. Entice the reader with such discussions that what you have found is what they need.

By doing this you will truly capture the interests of the people and create something that no one can refuse.

Becoming a social media marketer is simple; all you need to do is communicate on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, HubPages, Squidoo, and even Myspace, with those friends  and acquaintances that trust you. By  putting your social media ideas out into the world millions of people will hear about it and if you strategize well enough, millions of people will be pulled toward you and your brand

Remember these verbs to begin: create, engage, construct, provide, and become the amazing social media marketer that you will become by simply by using social media for marketing.

Get a Social Media Marketing Coach That Won’t Rip You Off!


It is true that there are many online companies who want to steal your money! They want to take advantage of you, hoping that you don’t fully know what you are doing when it comes to social media marketing. Even if you do know what you are doing and how to use some social media sites to your advantage as an online business owner, there are dozens of social media sites used all over the world and only one company that teaches you how to use several of them for less than the cost of learning how to use one of them.

Mari, for example, will teach you in a very detailed manner how to utilize Facebook. Greg shows you everything you need for Twitter. Alaina will show you how to take advantage of Dropjack and Posterous. But you know what, these people only offer you bits and pieces of the social marketing puzzle, and half of the pieces may not even fit any more!

It is ridiculous, and yet everyday business owners new to the world of online marketing hand over thousands of dollars each trying unsuccessfully to learn about social media. When it comes down to social media marketing and consulting, you need to use every aspect of networking and put it all together. There are a few companies like Building Social Equity that provide detailed knowledge of several social media sites at an exceptionally reasonable price.

My Uncle Joel, wasted over $5,0 (more…)

Easy Marketing With Social Media


The world of marketing communication is enhancing immensely thanks to great social media devices such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Hubpages, and Squidoo. Billions of people all across the world are communicating to each other and subconsciously advertising for companies and businesses. If I am looking for a product I am most likely going to post something on Facebook or Twitter and get the opinions of people I trust. This allows (more…)

The Best Ways to Build Social Equity


Building Social equity is simply connecting to those around you, in both a business and social aspect.  The best way to do that is by using sites that nearly everyone goes on: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Squidoo, LinkedIn, Hubpages, StumbleUpon, My Blog Log, Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing, and You Tube. These are just a few of the many popular social equity sites, but once you get on them, there is no doubt that you’ll be known.

To give you the right guidance to know how to accomplish building great social equity, Steps are laid out below, (more…)

Top 10 Ways to Create a Viral Effect


Do you want to be successful online? Then you need to increase the traffic flow to your site so that everyone can see what you have to offer. To help you do this below are the Top 10 best ways to create a viral effect and increase your online success!
1. Write Articles: This is the absolute best and one of the easiest ways to create traffic flow to your website. All you have to do is (more…)



This Generation is a generation of online trafficking and communicating online. Now days, if you are not online, you are not known. Therefore, the obvious way to become known is to get your name out on the internet. With Affiliates, it is important that you build many roads linking back to you, so that anywhere people go they can find you and you can make that sale.
This process is quite simple and extremely necessary to having a successful site and being a great affiliate to companies. (more…)

Business Networking— Don’t Be Desperate, Be Aspirant


Business Networking is not something that can just be done whenever you have a spare moment; it is a necessary tool for true success in your business. The old saying “It’s all about who you know,” really is true in the business world, and the best way to know people in this time of technology is through Internet Marketing. We do this by (more…)

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