Do you want to make more money online?

Online social marketing is rapidly increasing in popularity and quickly becoming a “must have” for online businesses. Social networking is how we connect online with friends, family, business partners, and acquaintances. Just recently it has become a method of communicating with customers and clients.

But how exactly can you make more money online through online submissions?

If you know how Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines work, you know that for online consumers to find your product they need to be able to find your product. You see, when someone searches for keywords, Google quickly scans through all the relevant articles in its exhaustive database. Sure it scans through pictures and videos as well, but that is for another article.

Next it sees to which sites the articles are connected. If Google thinks that your site and accompanying article could be of benefit to the consumer based on the keywords that were searched, they will put you in the list of results. If you can get your article to be one of the ten most relevant articles, there is a good chance that the person who typed in the keywords will click on the link and either go to your website or read your article.

People trust Google’s system for weeding out content that has little to do with the keywords mentioned. There are three techniques that will help Google find your article and rank it as one of the most relevant articles pertaining to the keywords requested.

First, submit articles to the top article directory and social media sites. Building Social will give you a list of some of the most frequented sites on the internet. Yes, you can send the same article to several places. After all, it is your article.

Second, and this is important, stack your submissions. OK, I know there are professional submission specialists out there who are really upset with the top secret information I just shared. It is the difference between Google seeing that your article is out-and-about and seeing that your article has significant clout.

Stacking requires that you submit to one site back to your website. Then get the url from the newly created article page and submit it to another site using the new page’s url instead of your website’s page url as a link. We call this funneling. Google sees the links as authoritative and provides additional pull to articles with keywords that are stacked. Want to get to the top ten search results for your relative keywords? Funnel.

The third key is to submit manually. We know there are tons of programs out there that will automatically submit your article to tons of directories. But Google knows about those systems. Many of the sites get blackballed by Google and without knowing it, soon you are systematically submitting to sites that give you a negative, you read right, a negative rating from Google.

Manual article submissions can take a long time, and you don’t want to simply throw them up on random websites. That is not social networking. To take full advantage of social networking you need to submit your articles manually using a funnel system with authoritative links to sites that consumers are frequently using the way professional article writing and submission companies do.