I have made thousands of dollars with my own products as well as thousands as an affiliate of other people’s products. I know that the key to online success for this decade is to know how to effectively navigate the waters of social media marketing.

Early on in my online marketing career, I was blessed to become associated with two extremely successful online businessmen. One is the owner of Trust Guard. Trust Guard is the leader in website security and verification. Chances are you have seen their green shield on an e-commerce site.

Their seals show visitors to thousands of sites that the business is legitimate, that their information will be kept private, and that the website is protected against hackers. The owner, David Brandley, also created The Ultimate Link Exchange. Dave taught me the value of writing articles and linking one website to another. I’ll come back to that in a moment.

The other online genius I met early on was Garrett Pierson, author and social media guru. Garrett created the comprehensive, 20 module social media video guide known throughout the world as Building Social Equity. Thanks to him, I learned the value of writing articles and posting them on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many, many others.

When I decided to put the two forms of succeeding online together, I became successful myself. Now I use the talents of Dave, meshed with the skill of Garrett to write articles and submit them through a complex linking system to social media and article directory sites throughout the world.

Thanks to the help and support of these two successful online businessmen, I have been able to help thousands of online consumers learn about previously unknown quality products and services. In fact, now they are utilizing my services as much as I am utilizing theirs.

That just goes to show you the power of the internet. I can show you how to create an effective social media marketing plan. First, get Garrett’s twenty social media videos and do what he tells you to do. Other social media professionals charge ten times what Garrett charges for half the product. I guarantee you will learn how the beginnings of how to create your own social media marketing plan.

Next, display Dave’s Trust Guard seals on your website. If people don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you – period. His seals are more effective than McAfee Secure and you can get them at a fourth the cost. Lastly, order some articles from me. I will distribute all over the internet for you and increase your targeted traffic significantly or I will double your money back. You heard me – Double!

That’s because the service I offer is a no-brainer. My quality articles, written by U.S. college students and edited by U.S. college graduates are filled with relative content specific to your needs. I place them on your website and throughout the internet. People looking for your product read my article and click on links to your website. You make more sales. Is there more for you to learn about How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan? Sure there is! There is social proof products like Shopper Approved and customer support software like Rhino Support to name a couple. But until you do these three things, my other recommendations won’t make a difference.

Get busy and you will be successful!
Talk to you soon,

Aaron Brandley