In this beautiful, sunny, patriotic time of year, I thought I would write an article about the blessings of freedom, not just in these great United States of America, but in the freedom of the internet as well.

I am grateful for the freedom or social media marketing. Being able to build social equity with consumers, vendors, and even competitors has been a boost to all of us in who work online.

Think of what our world would be like without Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Hubpages! Obviously we had to work at learning how to best utilize these sites, relying on the insight of people like Garrett Pierson (Building Social Equity 2.0) to teach us how to become social media marketers. But when we follow basic techniques, it is sweet how easy it is to do business online.

Along with Garrett’s ideas, here are a few that I have learned along the way:

Share. Don’t just go out there focused on your own needs. Karma is real – and what you give will come back to you – even if it is only in the realization that you helped someone! Social Media Marketing is all about helping others achieve their goals to be successful. Facebook links people together, while Linked In gives you a professional book of faces to review.

You can share your knowledge, your insight, and your tricks to the trade. Those who you teach how to market socially will be grateful and will return the favor to you when they learn a new trick.

Help People. One such trick that I was taught that I will be glad to pass on, is the benefit of trust seals. Trust Guard not only scans your site for vulnerabilities against hackers, but their seals also increase your conversion rate significantly!

Celebrate freedom by giving tools away for free. Just like our founding fathers stuck their necks out for us to make this country free, we have e-commerce pioneers that risked everything they had to give us an internet where free trade and uncommonly real communication is an every day occurance. To the right of this article you can submit your information to receive  free – that’s right – free (without any obligation) interviews from seven social media marketing pioneers and geniuses who can help you learn how to get the most out of teleseminars, facebook, twitter and other social media sites. 

Show gratitude. When someone helps you let them and the rest of the world know about it. When someone shares a marketing secret, let them know what a great person he or she is! When you have learned something that will add value to your online product or service, sincerely thank the source that offered the assistance. The attitude of gratitude is a common trait among all successful people.

In conclusion, we have a lot to be thankful for this time of year. As we continue to work hard in our social media marketing efforts, we should take time to reflect upon the freedoms we have received. Then we should rededicate ourselves to the task of improving online business life for everyone.