There are many activities that fill up our days besides social media marketing. An hour a day might seem like a lot to give up to focus on increasing our online presence and building our social equity. But there are some bonuses that come with organizing a small portion of our time with activities that really matter.

We’re not just talking about decreasing the amount of TV or movies we watch, although the sacrifice for doing so is minimal. We are talking about organizing our work day so that we can spend a solid hour working on increasing our relationships with customers, clients, partners, co-workers, vendors, and even competitors.

Here are a few specific social media marketing activities that will pay off huge dividends if we are committed to spend an hour a day doing them.

1. Find one social marketing program. We shouldn’t waste our time constantly looking for systems and programs. We could spend months looking at different systems without ever starting to increase our business’ visibility and that is not productive. Preferably, the system we choose should combine search engine optimization (SEO) with social media marketing.

2. Start spending and hour a day working through it’s modules. Set time a part during the work day. We shouldn’t start a new module until we have extrapulated everything that we can from the module we’re on. When we do so, we will build a global identity, while creating professional, honest, one-on-one relationships.

3. Fill up down time with proven habits such as listening to motivational or social media optimization (SMO) training, calling a client just to see how they are doing, and taking advantage of the opportunity to visit our competitors just to see what they have up their sleeves this week.

4. Get to know co-workers and vendors better. I once sold an item that had been on inventory for nearly a year simply by asking our delivery personnel if they knew anyone who might be interested in it! They appreciate our concern and our sincere desire that they succeed. Spend some time with them and watch their productivity soar!

In an effort to heed my own advice, and not feed you more than you can chew – at least while keeping your mouth closed – I will end there. Follow these simple concepts of focusing on social media marketing an hour a day and you will be successful.