It is true that there are many online companies who want to steal your money! They want to take advantage of you, hoping that you don’t fully know what you are doing when it comes to social media marketing. Even if you do know what you are doing and how to use some social media sites to your advantage as an online business owner, there are dozens of social media sites used all over the world and only one company that teaches you how to use several of them for less than the cost of learning how to use one of them.

Mari, for example, will teach you in a very detailed manner how to utilize Facebook. Greg shows you everything you need for Twitter. Alaina will show you how to take advantage of Dropjack and Posterous. But you know what, these people only offer you bits and pieces of the social marketing puzzle, and half of the pieces may not even fit any more!

It is ridiculous, and yet everyday business owners new to the world of online marketing hand over thousands of dollars each trying unsuccessfully to learn about social media. When it comes down to social media marketing and consulting, you need to use every aspect of networking and put it all together. There are a few companies like Building Social Equity that provide detailed knowledge of several social media sites at an exceptionally reasonable price.

My Uncle Joel, wasted over $5,000 trying to increase his social media online. The company offered him thousands of products saying they would help him make more money, and all they did was empty his wallet, leaving him with a thousand piece puzzle and no photograph of how to put the pieces together.

If you really want to increase your profits online and improve your social media networking techniques to become successful, you need to utilize a company that will teach you how to utilize all the different networking sites, giving you a photograph and even helping you piece the internet puzzle together.

Don’t waste $5,000 like my uncle Joel did. Don’t even waste $1,000. Social marketing strategies are valuable and useful but shouldn’t be that expensive! Building social equity with online consumers, vendors, and other competitive and complementary online business owners will give you the tools you need to succeed.