How to Succeed at Networking

Many customers, clients, and business owners know the importance social networking. However, what they do not know is how to succeed at social networking.

Building social equity by communicating through social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is vital to the improvement of your business and your social life. Without it, much of the important events occurring are missed because currently, everything is online. If you are not connecting with your clients, associates, family, friends, business contacts, and other acquaintances, then much of your relationships will fade at least a little.

Now, for those of you that already know and understand how crucial social networking is, the next step is to utilize this social networking so that it will fully benefit you and help you truly succeed.

One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by simply talking to your networking acquaintances. Seems like a no-brainer huh, well in fact, this step is one that businesses and clients fail to do.

First, when you are adding someone you know as a friend on these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, how do you do it? Most of us simply find the associate then click the “send friend request” button. This is what you should NOT do!

What you should be doing is as you add your contact as a friend, look at the small link that says something like “Include a personal note,” or “add a personal message.” When you click on these links, a box will appear that allows you to type a personal message to your contact you are adding, this truly does make the relationship instantly more personal than it would be without doing it.

Inside that box, write a personal message. Say how you know them, compliment them, and leave an open-ending giving you more room to get to know them better. Social networking was created to build lasting relationships, and in the business world, it is vital to success.

If you want to be successful at building social equity and connecting with associates on social media networking sites, follow the simple tools above. Before you add a contact as a friend, talk to them, say how you know them and get to know them more. Something as easy as talking to a client or friend is so important to building long lasting relationships that will lead you to success.