I have four nephews and nieces that just graduated from high school this last week, along with a brother and a three nephews who graduated from college in their respective fields. Graduations make us take a step back and come to grips with what we have done this year vs. what we said we would do this year.

Those of us with businesses associated in one way or the other with the internet are prone to ask ourselves what have we learned this year? What book, manual, program, or system have we uncovered to make this year more successful than last year? Regarding social media optimization, the best school I have found is Building Social Equity 2.0 as taught by Garrett Peirson.

His course in social media optimization doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. But after searching and learning, and researching all twenty modules of Building Social Equity 2.0, you will have graduated ready to make the changes, updates, and modifications required to be successful in today’s online business world.

Here are a few of the modules Garrett covers to optimize your social media experience:

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com are all search engines that have the potential of determining how online businesses interact with each other. Building Social Equity 2.0 can help you navigate these search engines by teaching you basics such as:
How does your business rate with these search engines?
Where does your business rate with these search engines?
Why does your business rate where it does with these search engines?

When you understand how search engines are set up, you can manuver around in them much easier. Building Social Equity 2.0 can give you a Masters Degree in search engine optimization which will increase your ability to reach out to other business owners – a process known as social media optimization.

Building Social Equity 2.0 will take you through twenty different courses – courses with hands-on guidance – which is something we rarely received in high school. Here are a few of the social media sites you will study through Garrett’s tutelage:

Ezine Articles

Each one of those social media optimization modules would cost hundreds of dollars each! But Building Social Equity 2.0 asks much less. You see, Garrett practices what he preaches when it comes to social media optimization. He has learned that positive, trusting, honest relationships are at the core of building a business online.

He knows that people who are just learning about social media optimization need a financial break – a helping hand that will serve to give them the tools they need to be successful online. The national and international economies are difficult.

More people than ever are returning to school or training of some sort. My brother returned to graduate with his Bachelor of Science degree in college a good 30 years after he graduated from high school.

For less than the cost of just one course in any state or private university, you can learn all there is to know about Building Social Equity through 20 modules designed to help you succeed and build loyal, profitable online relationships.

Garrett is even offering as a free gift seven interviews from online social media optimization gurus from around the world. Visit www.go.buildingsocialequity.com and get started on your journey at Social Media Optimization University.