In a recent interview with Social Media Examiner, blogger Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer asserted that businesses can’t ignore social marketing or local marketing opportunities, and he believes marketers would be best inclined to approach the process with mobility in mind.

“For the last two, three years we’ve been talking about [how you’ve] got to think mobile first because of the smart phone revolution,” Falls told the news provider. He said that location-oriented marketing has become a mainstream part of the conversation in just the past year, and mobile makes location especially relevant to shoppers. When coupled with an SEO strategy, location marketing can be an effective means of reaching consumers looking for deals from local businesses.

Similarly, social advocacy now plays a large role in consumers’ shopping processes, and Falls explained that mobile brings more social marketing opportunities. Indeed, many surveys report that mobile social users are an increasingly growing demographic.

Falls believes this trend will continue, saying, “I think you’re going to start to see computer-based and browser-based services become much more mobile-friendly over the next years as more and more businesses start to develop for the mobile web.”

He suggested that because mobile devices help better connect consumers, marketing strategies that cater to the mobile internet are poised to reach a wider audience and one that may be inclined to make purchases at conveniently nearby businesses.

A new Mobile Marketing Association study found mobile internet usage is on the rise and is primed to become a marketing game-changer across industries. Companies that understand the importance mobile SEO marketing are well positioned to drive traffic and new business to through mobile web channels.

But for those of us just getting started, it’s a smart idea to start small with the even wider demographic of social media sites and article distribution to bring targeted traffic to our sites until funds allow for the inclusion of mobile applications.