Building superb social equity is something that every successful SEO strives for. We all know that social media sites are great for online marketing and trafficking, but the important point that is often missed is that by building social equity your goal should also be to build customer loyalty.

Now you are probably thinking, “How can I create customer loyalty with social media marketing?”

Here is how you can succeed at creating customer loyalty as an SEO.

Step 1: Do what you already do… or at least what you should already be doing. As you use social media marketing techniques to increase the traffic flow to your websites online, you have already completed the first step to create vital customer loyalty. We have found article writing and submissions to online directories to be beneficial in our efforts of bringing customers to our sites.

Step ½: Make your website User Friendly!  All right, so we took half a step backwards…  However, if you don’t know step one, then step one and a half won’t appear too important.  In actuality, making your website user friendly is one of the most vital keys to creating successful customer loyalty, and here is why;

  • If they don’t like your page, they aren’t going to read what you have to say.
  • If your page looks nice but turns out to be complicated and confusing, then the customer is going to give up on trying purchasing your product and will not stick with you.
  • If your website looks professional, classy, and inviting, people will trust your products, and your company.
  • If your web page is clear-cut and straight forward, customers will love the simplicity of it.
  • If you want to make more money more often, and create great rapport and customer loyalty by social media marketing, then you must have a user-friendly website for your customers to visit and use.

Step 1 ½: Have quality content. Not only do you want the information to be easy to access on your website and homepage, but you also need to have quality content and information. All the content on each page should be fresh and relevant to the wants and needs of your consumers.  If it isn’t, they probably won’t do business with you once, let alone return to become a loyal customer. Creating a sense of community on your site is another way to encourage internet users to return, along with publicly replying to customer queries on the site, this leads us to step 2, our final step.

Step 2: Have excellent customer service! This should be a no-brainer, yet many companies tend to overlook customer service and think that it is not as important as what they have to offer. On the contrary, customer service is the most valuable key to obtaining customer loyalty.  We have found social proof businesses that include customer service survey software to help build relationships between current and potential customers through testimonials and rankings.  No matter what you have to offer your customers, if you give them top of the line quality service they will want to be your customer just because they like the way that you treat them.

The main goal of every marketing company should be to obtain customer loyalty.  Social media marketing and optimization is a superb way to create loyalty with your customers.