In Just 6 Simple Steps

Every successful business has to start somewhere. However, making your name and product recognizable in the business world is a difficult thing to do, unless you can get the media to publish an article about you. This is why knowing how to write a great press release is so important.
Writing a successful press release really is quite simple; all you really need to do is think like a Reporter, and follow these 6 simple steps.
1. Format Right. Your goal is to get your website and business featured in newspapers and an editor will not even look at your release if the format is incorrect. Below is an example of what a great press release should have.

• Your Logo should be at the top center of the page where a heading might go.
• Next on the top left hand side, you should have your contact information: First and Last name, telephone number, cell phone number, and your business email address.
• In all CAPS have a Catchy Title, centered, with a subtitle below formatted, as a normal title would be.
• Next, write the body of your article then the boilerplate as the last paragraph.
• Finally the three ### and where the readers can go if they need more information. This is your advertising section.
• Your Headlining title should be irresistible. If you can’t catch the reader’s attention right from the start there is no way you’re going to be able to keep them reading. Be catchy, fun, and informative. You can give any topic depth and make any subject sound worth reading; all it takes is the use of bold words and honest creativity.
3. Lure your readers in with compelling leads. You cannot just have a bold title that attracts the interest of your reader; you must also retain at least two strong, mesmeric sentences that force the readers to continue reading, pulling them closer and closer as your article goes on. To do this remember these key factors:
• Stay away from using words such as: Breakthrough, unique, and State of the Arc. This is fluff.
• Never use “I” or “We.” Use third person, always.
• Read a lot of good newspaper writings to get a feel for the style.
• Remember the shorter, the better.
4. Determine what is newsworthy. You must be objective in your writing, always only use third person, and state your best, most gripping attributes. Write your articles so that they have a lot of meat and heart, something you know journalists will simply eat up. Think, what do you have that no one else does? How can I play with my audiences emotions for my benefit, that may sound bad, but that is what reporters need to compel their readers.
5. Get to the point: Use the Inverted Pyramid. Journalists, Reporters, and Editors want the facts now. In your first paragraph, you should state the five W’s: who, what, when, where, and whys of your topic. Be Brief. 300-500 words max. State the facts, in an interesting way, and be done.
6. Finale, tell your audience when the show is over. In a press release, it is important that the editors know where you are ending. The way we show this is by using 3 # signs beneath your final paragraph, and before your contact information, as shown in the above format example.

Remember the basic thing you need to do to create an impressive press release that journalists will simply eat up is to think like they do. Be objective and compelling, and your submission will be accepted. If you simply follow these 6 easy steps to writing an excellent press release, your business and name will quickly get out there, and success will flow from the palm of your hands.