In the grand scheme of online marketing, the catchphrase “People Trust People” is a foundational principle. We trust individual people more than we trust groups of people. For example, government is difficult to trust because of all the groups interested in laws being regulated in ways that best suit their organization. Businesses are difficult to trust because their principal objective is to earn income.

You might respond that politicians make up government and that sales representatives create a businesses’ revenue. However, I would argue that it is when politicians join with other politicians and sales reps join with other sales reps that the waters tend to get a little murky and the task of determining right or wrong or yes or no tends to get difficult.

A little test on trust seals, for example, demonstrates my point. Take the debatable leader in website verification, Trust Guard. One of their products provided to on-line businesses is their Security Verified Seal. The seal shows online consumers that the site they are patronizing has gone through various steps to verify to the general public that they have a valid SSL and that consumers will be able to locate them if ever there are issues.

Trust Guard provides a great service. However, even though it is one of the most trusted names on-line and the leader in Website Security, consumers know that Trust Guard is a business – and that ultimately their motivating force as a business is to generate revenue.

In contrast, look at another company that also offers trust seals: Shopper Approved. They don’t provide verification, like Trust Guard does. They provide social proof. That proof is brought to us in the form of testimonials and ratings (from 1-5) to consumers like you and me from previous consumers like you and me.  So even if we don’t personally know the people behind Shopper Approved, we can be relatively sure that the people using their rating service have been honest in their ratings and testimonials.

The ratings and testimonials from individual consumers demonstrate whether the company is honest, straightforward, and has integrity. Also, those results offered by Shopper Approved display to online consumers whether or not their products or services are fairly priced, arrived when they said they would, and that it was easy to communicate with the company if there were issues.

In fact, split tests would show that Shopper Approved would beat Trust Guard every time regarding each seal’s ability to generate and increase online sales.

For example, if your website had no trust seals, you might get two or three sales out of every hundred visitors. With Trust Guard Verification seals, there would be an immediate jump in sales. You might even double your revenue, getting four or six sales out of every hundred visitors. But with Shopper Approved, you would get eight to twelve sales out of every hundred visitors to your website.

Why would Shopper Approved give you even more sales than the proven leader in Security and Verification Seals? Because people trust people. A testimonial from a real person beats a testimonial from a legitimate business. Both options beat doing nothing at all. My suggestion? Display Trust Guard seals to increase your visibility and online security. And display Shopper Approved seals so that people visiting your website will be able to tell whether others have been satisfied with your product or service. Why? Because People Trust People. That’s why.  For more relevant information that will increase your ability to increase your online presence, visit