Articles and Submissions Will Help You Make More Money More Often Online


Starting your own online business is not always an easy thing to do. It requires buying a domain name and hosting your chosen website, creatively designing the site, and then praying that people will come to your site to purchase your products. Some business people new to the world of e-commerce have yet to learn that social networking can help you make more money often online.


Social media marketing and online directory networking is the number one tactic that all successful online businesses use consistently. They… (more…)

Get a Social Media Marketing Coach That Won’t Rip You Off!


It is true that there are many online companies who want to steal your money! They want to take advantage of you, hoping that you don’t fully know what you are doing when it comes to social media marketing. Even if you do know what you are doing and how to use some social media sites to your advantage as an online business owner, there are dozens of social media sites used all over the world and only one company that teaches you how to use several of them for less than the cost of learning how to use one of them.

Mari, for example, will teach you in a very detailed manner how to utilize Facebook. Greg shows you everything you need for Twitter. Alaina will show you how to take advantage of Dropjack and Posterous. But you know what, these people only offer you bits and pieces of the social marketing puzzle, and half of the pieces may not even fit any more!

It is ridiculous, and yet everyday business owners new to the world of online marketing hand over thousands of dollars each trying unsuccessfully to learn about social media. When it comes down to social media marketing and consulting, you need to use every aspect of networking and put it all together. There are a few companies like Building Social Equity that provide detailed knowledge of several social media sites at an exceptionally reasonable price.

My Uncle Joel, wasted over $5,0 (more…)

The Joy of Writing


Whether you are a student that has difficulty with English grammar, someone who considers themselves to be a writer, without having finished that first book, or a businessman or woman that dislikes writing proposals or business plans, you probably are wishing that there was convenient, cost-effective way you could do what needs to be done without doing it yourself.

Good news! Articles and Submissions, LLC can help!

Just give them an idea of what you would like the essay to cover, and they will cover it. There is quite a process to provide a professional level article. First they (more…)

Save Time, Make More Money with Articles &!


Do you have an online business that isn’t making as much money and you know it could? Would you like a guaranteed increase in your online targeted traffic without paying an arm and a leg?

Articles and Submissions, LLC can provide you with more traffic to your website every month by writing and submitting relevant articles about your company and your products. It’s a time-consuming job that requires the skills of U.S. college students and graduates to write and edit the articles before they go online. then sends the articles to article directory and social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, You Tube, HubPages, Posterous, Drop Jack, and (more…)

How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan


I have made thousands of dollars with my own products as well as thousands as an affiliate of other people’s products. I know that the key to online success for this decade is to know how to effectively navigate the waters of social media marketing.

Early on in my online marketing career, I was blessed to become associated with two extremely successful online businessmen. One is the owner of Trust Guard. Trust Guard is the leader in website security and verification. Chances are you have seen their green shield on an e-commerce site.

Their seals show visitors to thousands of sites that the business is legitimate, that their information will be kept private, and that the website is protected against hackers. The owner, David Brandley, also created The Ultimate Link Exchange. Dave taught me the value of writing articles and linking one website to another. I’ll come back to that in a moment.

The other online genius I met early on was Garrett Pierson, author and social media guru. Garrett created the comprehensive, 20 module social media video guide known throughout the world as Building Social Equity. Thanks to him, I learned the value of writing articles and posting them on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many, many others.

When I decided to put the two forms of succeeding online together, I became successful myself. Now I use the talents of Dave, meshed with the skill of Garrett to write articles and submit them through a complex linking system to social media and article directory sites throughout the world. (more…)

A&S’s Article Writing Report


Thanks to an exclusive partnership arrangement, Articles& is offering Social Marketing Live customers their comprehensive report, “The Top Ten Tips to Writing Online Articles” for only $4.98.
Not $49.98 or even $19.98, but for only $4.98.

You may have heard that online, “Content is King.”

This is a true statement. But sloppiness, misdirection, and even unintentional mistakes can turn Google and the other search engines against you, overthrowing your unacceptable content kingdom and replacing it with a Content King who knows what, when, how and why to write.

Writing articles online is not like writing an essay for a college class. Nor is it like writing a letter to a friend or work associate. It’s definitely different than a bulleted,  sales-oriented email.

Accessing this report will start you on the road that will bring targeted traffic to your website. You will never see A&S’s Article Writing Report offered at so low a price anywhere online.


A&S’s Article Writing Report


As if these techniques weren’t enough, included with the report you will also receive key strategies to online success including:

* How to write a book  – fast

* How to start making money online with our own online business with less than $200

* How to most effectively utilize social media sites to your advantage

* How to submit articles to article directory and social media sites

So bring more targeted traffic to your website by learning the critical steps involved in writing online articles.

Make a commitment to yourself to start making more money more often online today!


A&S’s Article Writing Report


Find a Company To Secure Your Website


The great philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said, “I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.” Everybody needs a little time to themselves; Time to sit alone and just think about everything or nothing in particular.

We need alone time to just analyze and breathe, to get away from the world and escape the stress that our society seems to force upon us. Standing alone is good for us when it gives us the chance to simply be ourselves and try to figure things out on our own.

However, Author G.B. Shaw insisted that, “Independence”… [is] middle-class blasphemy.  We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.” What he meant by this is that (more…)

Trust Seals 101


Becoming Hacker Safe:
Top Three Ways to Protect Your Website

With all the amazing new technology we have today, (like iPhones, iPads, Ebooks, Google,) much of what we do is connected to the internet.

People can access the internet just about anywhere, school, work, home, libraries, even on their phones and in the car. Since we have the opportunity to be online wherever we go, we are constantly working, playing and searching on the internet.

Sadly, with every positive attribute the internet gives us, there are also the negative. Hackers, skilled and trained in finding loopholes, have the ability to access servers and retrieve personal information. And because most website owners protect their transactions through SSLs but fail to protect their websites through vulnerability scans, the only hackers that are not employed are those that are (more…)

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