Shopper Approved, the leader in Social Proof, just came out with the results of a study they conducted and here they are:

1. What are your greatest areas of weakness when it comes to online marketing? 
(Voters could choose more than one)

60% – Traffic                    

41% – Conversion

41% – Video Marketing

40% – SEO/Link Building

38% – Paid Advertising (PPC)

38% – Social Media

Traffic Generation was the biggest weakness by a long shot.  So, how do you plan on achieving better traffic? There are a few options:

  1. Google Adwords or Facebook ads

If you choose the right keyword, and your industry isn’t swamped, these work. However, they do cost money.

  1. Article Writing and Submission

Writing articles takes time, but not money. And submitting articles takes time, but not money. The decision about article writing and submission isn’t whether or not you should do it – you should. Even if you advertise, you should. The decision is whether or not you should do it yourself, or let professionals like do it for you. If you have the time and talents, there’s no reason you can’t do it by yourself.

More Money More Often .com (MMMO) has made lots of money writing articles and submitting them to article directories and social media sites all over the internet. There are tons of reasons why you should use them, including their degrees in English, their experience online, and their success at increasing the flow of traffic.

For one website, they sent over 15,000 clicks in less than a year with an average of only one article a month submitted to an average of 5 directory and social media sites.  These were exclusive clicks – made solely from the dozen articles written and submitted.

Right now, MMMO has a special where you can get two professional articles written and submitted for less than $60. If you do this monthly, you will have thousands of new online visitors within the first year!

Whatever you decide, there is no doubt that getting online consumers to your site is paramount. You should have a beautiful website that should be easy to navigate and understand. The shopping cart should be simple and straightforward. Once that is taken care of, you can start bringing people to your site. The best two ways for doing this is by buying adwords or other advertising and by writing and distributing articles.

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