If you are an online business owner, creating loyal Facebook Fans will not only increase your online visibility, it will increase your sales. There are several aspects of doing this well. In this article, I will touch on a few of them.

Learn how to use Facebook

There are several programs out there teaching about how to best utilize Facebook and Facebook fan pages. Building Social Equity is one of the key ingredients in today’s online business world. The site should resemble your website and you should do the best you can at engaging the potential consumer. Do you have a poll that they can fill out? Do you have a Facebook offer that is better than your website offer? Is there an entertaining video on it that people will want to show their Facebook family and friends? The best tutorials out there that teach you the best social media techniques should not cost more than $150 and should be packed with step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of Facebook. The best tools will also give you detailed videos on how to use other social media sites – and for the same price! This brings us to the next step.

Learn how to use other social media sites like Squidoo and Hubpages

When you are constantly and consistently submitting to other social media sites, online consumers will see you there. That is when you will give them the opportunity to ‘Like’ you on Facebook. When fans come from outside sources into your facebook site, they are more likely to stay loyal. Make sure that the content and offers you give are significant, otherwise people won’t be interested. You have to grab their attention immediately. Make your marketing as entertaining as possible. Video social media sites like YouTube can bring lots of attention to your Facebook site and to your product. This brings us to the next step.

Create Videos – Entertaining, Educational, Memorable Videos

Videos can serve several purposes. You can have a video that explains your product. Many people would rather watch a video than read about what you are selling. If you have a explanatory video on your website, make sure you also make it available on Facebook, YouTube, and other social sites. Google is making it so that videos get higher rankings in the results for keywords than articles alone. Videos are great ways to catch people’s attention and keep them on your website or facebook page. The longer they stay, the better chance you have at converting them into customers.

I would steer away from doing things in Facebook that they frown upon. There are sites, for example, that offer bulk fans for a price. Facebook might ban you if they find out you use these guys. Besides, these paid-for fans will never be loyal and will probably not buy your products. When their friends talk to them about your product that they have never used, it could lessen your chances of getting them to buy it too.

Just do things that Facebook approves of by making a fan page that looks like your website, offering people on other social media sites to ‘Like’ you on Facebook, and by generating fun, yet appropriate videos and you will be successful in your quest for creating loyal Facebook fans. If you need help Building Social Equity, one of several effective, yet low cost online products will increase your ability to be successful.