There are many techniques and strategies on how to become successful at social media marketing. They vary from utilizing social forums to taking advantage of social sites.

The technique I want to discuss today is one that I learned from Garrett Pierson, one of the pioneers in social media optimization. He also, just hours ago, completed his first marathon! Garrett wrote the book “What Success Takes” and developed the game changing, twenty-module program called Building Social Equity 2.0.

I want to share his simple social media marketing technique. If you want to increase the percentage of clients who open, read, and act upon the emails you send them, you must give twice before you ask for anything in return. Give them a free video, a free product, a free newsletter, or a free contact. This act of giving will work wonders for your readership.
Now, each time they open up an email from you, they will read it – wondering if you are offering them something free!
There are a few stipulations. Do not offer them something free EXCEPT for postage and handling, or give it to them IF they agree to sign up for another product.
Free should mean free. And if you waste people’s time by sending them to a site where free isn’t really free, or it is free after making them jump through a bazillion hoops of upgrades and add-ons, they will never trust you again. Period.
Now, you should also know that free doesn’t have to cost you a lot. Sometimes your free offer is a video you created to tell them thanks, giving them an extra tool to make the product run more smoothly. Sometimes it is access to a video or product of an associate that is offering something for free.
You can also share fun things with your client base, like a video of your child learning how to walk, or another of you on vacation. Most people are appreciative of the fact that you are willing to share your personal life with them. Successful social media marketing is after all, all about building strong, personal, professional relationships.
Once they trust you, then they will purchase your products and will listen to you when you tell them about other leaders in your industry. They will also want to utilize your services in other social media marketing ways such as asking you for a testimonial for their products and services.
Of course, offering your testimonial will increase your social relationship even more and could lead to multiple free products and affiliate income – not to mention salary for convention seminars and teleseminars.
With the simple act of giving socially, people will want to link to your site, use you as a resource, and gladly purchase any product or service you buy.
Take Garrett Pierson, for example, who I spoke about earlier. He didn’t charge me for this highly valuable information. Yet, his name is all over this article. There are links on how to get his product and there is lots of good karma surrounding him. What did it cost him to share his knowledge with me? It cost him no money and about one minute of his valuable time.
Simply put, give two or three times before you start asking – and then give two or three times more before you start asking again. You will soon realize that your social media marketing efforts have not only created an extensive, devoted client base, but in the process, you have gained many loyal friends.