It’s difficult to believe that there are still doubters out there about whether or not article writing and submissions to search engines, directories, and social media sites actually increases the amount of targeted traffic to e-commerce websites.

To all you unbelievers out there, I say “Just give it a try!” You will know that it works after just one month.  Write four articles (one per week) that are relevant to your website. 

Post the articles on your website. Then send them all over planet internet. Like them on Facebook, Tweet about them on Twitter, Jack them on Dropjack, and Copy them onto Posterous.

Send them to 5-10 article directory sites like articlebase, articlecube, articlefeeder, articlealley, articlelash and articleclick. Include links either back to your webiste where the article is (or where more information is on the same subject), or links to sites like hubpages, squidoo, or ezines. Then just wait.  

Before long, you will have an increase in targeted traffic to your website guaranteed! We use  to write our articles. They use college students and college graduates to write and edit their articles. Then they send out the articles all over the place! One of our sites went from a zero to a 4 google page rank in a little over a year, and the only marketing we did was to write and submit articles.

You can find out how to take advantage of writing and submitting to social media sites at There might be some people out there that still doubt the value of article writing and submissions, but not us. We are believers!