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You know how millions of people all over the world are making a really good living by owning online businesses. The truth is, when they started doing their internet businesses they were no different than you are today.

They needed a Domain Name.
They needed to Host their Domain.
They needed to create a way for people to pay for products or services.

However, business owners who have failed, STARTED their online companies by doing the above activities and business owners who have succeeded STARTED their online companies with key business-related activities before doing the above activities.

You can start your online business quickly, with a higher probability for success by studying our heavily researched book “How to Start an Online Business with Less Than $200 Guaranteed” and accompanying business consulting service.




Hundreds of thousands of online business owners have spent thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to start their online businesses. With our book, you can start making money online for less than $200 guaranteed!

How many business owners have started their own successful companies with only $200? Not very many. But now, with our help, you can! You see, there are many steps that you must take before buying and hosting a domain if you are going to start a successful online business.

And there is much to do after you create a way for people to pay you if you are going to stay successful. To be honest with you, for our initial online businesses, we too paid way too much money to get started. But after years of  research, we are ready to share the most effective, inexpensive way to create money-generating websites.

We are so confident in our system and accompanying book, that we are offering a
Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

If you do not earn at least twice the amount of money you spent on your website ($400) within the first six months of putting into practice all of our ideas
and recommendations, we will pay you $40.
That’s more than twice what you will pay for the book!




We will take you step by step through everything you need to know to be successful online.  We can communicate as often as you would like through email. Consider us your internet mentors! You should understand that there is work involved here. It is going to take some time and effort to get you up and running. But once you do, you will be doing what you like and liking what you do. :)

The book is $18.98 and yes, it is included as part of your $200.00 investment.




Once you become a GET STARTED ONLINE member by purchasing the e-book, you will also receive a wealth of information on how to move from one or two sales a month to one or two sales a day. We will invite you to online seminars, forums and free interviews from the leaders in online marketing, branding and business optimization and organizational skills.

We will introduce you to our friends who are online professionals in the fields of:
social media marketing,
social proof (how to get customers to give you testimonials and display them on your site),
website security and business verification,
professional article writing and distribution,
free, online-compliant privacy policies and terms of service,
and much, much more.

We really want you to succeed!
We believe that all of us have the innate and limitless ability to succeed!
There is more than enough wealth in this world and enough room for success for all of us!
We also believe that with our wealth and success comes a responsibility to serve others!
We promise to provide a preponderance of powerful, personal, productive products!

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