If Jim Collins (author of the bestselling book Good to Great) is right, and “greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice,” then all website owners can, theoretically, become great at social media marketing.

Good companies do a few things right. Great companies do all of the important things right. Let’s review a few of the important areas of the book, as they pertain to social media marketing greatness.

The book talks about making sure we have the right person in the right spot. If we have good people working with us, find out what they’re good at and have them focus their energies in that area. Don’t fire an intelligent, hard worker with a great attitude just because she isn’t performing in the area you chose for her to work. Find an area where she is competent!

Don’t outsource your article writing if that is one of your strengths! Alex Mandossian, for example, has had great success in social media marketing by continuing to write his own content. Others who have chosen to delegate the strong processes or systems that made them good, might never achieve greatness.

Great social media marketers put the best people responsible for the best opportunity (not their biggest problem). If your best opportunity for growth is through SEO, put your best, most qualified individual responsible for that area.

When reviewing your online business, ask yourselves:

What Are We Deeply Passionate About?
What Drives Our Economic Engine?
What Can We Be The Best In The World At?

When all of these key circles are answered in a manner that can incite greatness – with the right tools and humble, hard-working people – your company can become GREAT!