Everyone knows the importance of social networking, especially within a business. Yet, CEO’s and business owners often don’t use social networking to its fullest potential.

Social networking is the number one way to connect with new clients and create business relationships that will last a lifetime, and help you and your company grow and succeed.

A great way to build this business relationship is by doing it everywhere you go. It is so easy! When you go to a baseball game,  a community gathering, an expo event, etc., everywhere you go opportunities lie giving you the chance to build rapport with someone and create a new client.

As you do this, that new contact will want to give you their business card, and you will want to give them yours as well. However, I believe that business cards are often ignored, pushed aside, or simply thrown away. You don’t want your information to be ignored, you want them to remember you and appreciate your newly made acquaintance. So you need to make an amazing first impression.

One way to do this is by being better than the rest. When they hand you their business card, thank them for their information and then explain to them that you don’t use regular business cards, you use Electronic Business Cards.

An Electronic Business Card is an enhanced personal email with all of your contact information. If you have a I-phone or a mobile device that has access to email, electronic business cards a suburb way to enhance your social networking.

All you have to do is look at their email address on their business card, confirm that is the best one to send it to, and then send your electronic card to their email, leaving a lasting impression.

Here is an example of an electronic business card created by venture capitalist Garrett Pierson:

Subject: Hi there, Garret Pierson Here


It was great meeting you at the “______________ “event. I hope you had as much fun as I did!


As I mentioned I don’t use a business card because I feel that people disregard them, that is why you are receiving this email from me.


Think of this as my electronic business card….


Name: Garret Pierson

Company: Outstanding Ventures

What I do: (Tell a little bit about yourself and your company)

Phone number:

Toll Free Number:

Email Address:


Webistes: (Give 3 or less, don’t overwhelm them.)


Let’s Get Social:

~(Direct link to facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)


Thanks for taking time to talk with me. If there is anything that you think I can help you with, feel free to let me know.


To your success,

Garret Pierson

(For more information on this example click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Bt_vIHBFo)


Electronic business cards, as you can see, are extremely easy to create and send, and it makes it more personal and makes you stand out. They allow you to talk more to your new client and allow them to get to know you and feel like they have a firm relationship with you, even though you just met.

If you want to become more successful in the business world, invest in social networking, and do it right. All it takes is communication and innovation, and electronic business cards are an outstanding way to do that.