Often, what seems so new and cutting-edge, stems from principles learned long, long ago. Such is the case with the latest trend toward combining social media marketing with search engine optimization.

Thousands of years ago we were all hunters and gatherers. The hunters were sly and fearless. They divided and conquered. The gatherers’ stayed together as a close-knit group and, well, gathered.

The hunters all lived together, and the gatherers all lived together. But the hunters did not live with the gatherers. Each thought the other was odd and inferior.

That is until, as many legends attest,

a beautiful, young gatherer seduced a handsome, young hunter – enticing him back to her group. He realized that the gatherer way of life wasn’t half bad and within a month had gained 30 pounds and couldn’t run from his T-P to the kitchen hall. Finally he got hungry for meat. He got back into shape and taught his brother-in-laws to hunt. They loved the adventure and celebrated with a feast of steak and potatoes.

OK, enough with the history lesson and back to the idea of combining social media marketing with search engine optimization. You see, hunting was a good idea all by itself, and gathering was a good idea all by itself. But hunting and gathering together was a great idea!

Garrett Pierson, author of “What Success Takes” has combined SEO with social media with his new Building Social Equity 2.0 program. It contains 20 modules that take us step-by-step through the necessary processes to become visible on-line while building loyal relationships.

First there were hunters who combined with gatherers, then root beer combined with ice cream, and now search engine optimization has combined with social media marketing in the form of Building Social Equity 2.0. What a great idea!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.