Building Social equity is simply connecting to those around you, in both a business and social aspect. The best way to do that is by using sites that nearly everyone goes on: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Squidoo, Linkedin, Hubpages, StumbleUpon, My Blog Log, Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing, and You Tube. These are just a few of the many popular social equity sites, but once you get on them, there is no doubt that you’ll be known.
To give you the right guidance to know how to accomplish building great social equity, Steps are laid out below, defined by common clichés everyone knows, but often don’t quite understand. Here is how they relate to Building great social equity.
1. “Strength in Numbers.” Once you create your profile full of business information all about you, the next step is to make friends. The more friends you have, the more business contacts you will gain, and the more equitable you will become. There truly is strength in numbers because as you connect to more people, your name will become more and more known.

2. “Many Hands Make Light Work.” This cliché falls hand in hand with the previous one. Once you have many contacts, social and business, now your job is to convince them to publicize you. Give them something to talk about, great deals you offer, how honest you are, good qualities you and your company possess. If other people are talking about you in a positive way, it makes it so much easier for you to be able to have your name known.

Also, encourage your friends to invite their friends to activities you sponsor, or things you support, so that their friends can be acquainted with you as well. This will create a rippling effect and spread outwards allowing more and more people hear about you the farther your puddle ripples out. If your friends tell their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends… sooner than later the world will know who you are and what your business does.

3. “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” In your business, it is so important to do what you say you will do, when you’re going to do it. Post on your walls and pages great things about your company, and then prove that your company is worth being a part of. How you do this is your call, but try to captivate your contacts and make them want to know more.

4. “Think Outside the Box,” (With your articles and posts.) A great way to pull your readers, friends, and contacts into your business is to write- creatively, and informatively- about what you know and what you do. Give advice; write informative articles, entertaining and professional posts. Just because you are trying to promote your business, does not mean you can’t make it fun for your audience.

Remember another cliché, “What Goes Around, Comes Around.” The more they like what you have to say, the more they will listen and trust you and the more sales you will receive. If you put a lot into building your social equity on sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Skype, eventually your friends and many others will put a lot into you.

5. “And that’s the Name of the Game.” It is easy to become known and a part of the social equity world, just create profiles on great social equity sites such as Facebook, Twitter Hubpages, Squidoo, Skype, Ask, Yahoo, Google, Stumble upon, and You Tube, and make many friends. Encourage your friends to add their friends to give you even more contacts and make you known worldwide. Write Creative articles and posts supporting your business and pull customers in with fun, informative, and honest information about all that you can do for them. Do what you say you’re going to do and have the people be on your side. The best way to reach success is by word of mouth, and in a web based world, building your social equity is the best way to do that.