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Top 3 Ways to Make More Money with Social Marketing Live


Are you running your own business and looking for ways that will allow you to successfully make more money online? Below I have outlined the top three ways for you to make more money for you business, and I know that if you read and apply these principles that you will be amazed by the difference it will make in your business.

  1. Start an online business. If you have a business that is not posted online, then it is crucial that you jump on that band wagon and get online! Your successful business will be ten times as successful when you take it online. The best part is, (more…)

Fill Your Pocket with Cash Through Social Networking!


My dad and I have been working online to try to make more money more often, and we finally found the niche that does just that!

Social networking is the new way to market online. If you have an online business, or even just an affiliate link that you want to utilize to make your wallet filled with more money, then you need to start building social equity a.s.a.p!

Social networking is something that every single one of us do online everyday. In fact, you are involved in social networking now just by reading this article.

Customers of any business go online to search for better deals, discounts, and for previous customer’s opinions and testimonials to get opinions on the service they are seeking. This is why successful businesses and affiliates are utilizing (more…)

Social Media is AWESOME!


With all of the great technology we have access to online, it makes utilizing the benefits of social media and networking so much easier! Social networking is how we can stay connected with all the people we love and create memories that will last a life time!

My family and I just got back from a trip to Washington to visit our Extended family and I found this awesome video producer called Animoto. It allowed me to take all the photos we took on our trip and put them together into a video album. It was so easy thanks to Animoto’s easy walk through steps , it looks professional, and it was extremely cheap.

Click on this link to check out how awesome your photo videos can turn out too!

I can even post my new video onto social networking sites and keep connected even more. My entire family can see our pictures online, even from Honduras.

If you want to stay connected online and build a stronger rapport with your family and friends this awesome site I found called Animoto is an excellent way to do that! I love it and I hope you will too.

Friendships that Last a Lifetime


I remember sitting on the steps outside of my elementary school door at recess. It was first grade and I didn’t know anyone. I looked around and saw all of the kids playing and laughing together, but I was just a shy little girl that barely spoke.

Her name was Kierstin and I remember the bright fall day so clearly. I, as always, was sitting on the stairs just minding to myself when she walked up to me at recess and said, “Hello!” with a bold, friendly smile, “Do you want to be my friend?”

After that I had a best friend, and I became fearless. I now had my first friendly connection at school and now I had the confidence to make more friends.

Time went on and Kierstin and I were the best of friends, often times inseparable. We always played at recess together, sneakily passed notes during classes, and joined in the random food fights together in the cafeteria. Life was so simple back in Elementary school, you would just walk right up to people and instantly you were the best of friends. Those were the good old days.

We moved on however, as we met more and more friends, at times we fell apart when cliques began to be more apparent the closer we got to junior high; and by 7th grade we had completely different groups of friends. Still, we would keep in touch with passing smiles through the halls and short “Hey, how’s it going?” in between classes.

High school came, and my once best friend, was now becoming a stranger in the halls. That was something that I wouldn’t stand to bear. One morning I saw her sitting on the steps in the commons area, waiting for a friend I’m sure. I walked up to her, smiled boldly and said, “Hello! Do you want to be my friend?” After that we laughed for a minute and made a pack to stay friends. We talked for what felt like hours catching up, remembering inside jokes, and laughing so hard, everyone around probably thought we were crazy, but to be honest I don’t remember anyone else being there.

Now my best friend and I are closer than ever. I live in Salt lake and she lives almost two hours away in Logan, but with social networking we chat, talk, message, Skype, and do everything together. Social networking is important, and currently, it could be the only link that keeps old friends, best friends.

If you understood the importance that building social equity holds to personal, and business relationships, you would be able to grasp onto the concept of true friendship.

Supreme Customer Service = More Sales and Profit


Supreme Customer Service = More Sales and Profit

Q: Why are customer survey forms so vital to achieving excellent customer satisfaction within a business?

This question is one that many business owners tend to not know the answer to, and yet they use customer surveys.

If you lack the reasoning behind why you do something and merely do it, then, in most cases, you will probably not be putting your “all” towards it; and with customer satisfaction social networking, and survey forms, this is necessity.

A: Customer surveys are the pathway to future success in all businesses. Survey forms offer customers the supreme opportunity to voice their opinion and let the business owners know exactly how the consumer feels about the products and services they received on their last visit.

Q: But why is understanding how the customer feels important to a business, especially if it is outrageous, or dealing with something that cannot be changed? (more…)

Make $10,000 a Month Part-time:


Become a Social Media Manager

Catchy title? Well, it’s true. In case you did not already know, one of the biggest, most productive ways for a company to last is to promote themselves, but with new technology, the old ways of doing this are flying out the window. People rarely watch commercials, listen to radios, read the newspaper, etc. Everything today is now online.

This is why the demand for great social media networking and marketing has increased so dramatically over the years. And now in 2011, social marketing is required for a successful business.

But what does this have to do with making $10,000 a month working part time? The answer is (more…)

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