Business Networking is not something that can just be done whenever you have a spare moment; it is a necessary tool for true success in your business. The old saying “It’s all about who you know,” really is true in the business world, and the best way to know people in this time of technology is through Internet Marketing. We do this by connecting on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, Skype, You Tube, Hub Pages and other networking sites. Create profiles, pages, and network with friends and business contacts on a daily basis. Remember that Networking is not something to be placed on a “To-Do List, it is something that needs to constantly be updated.

The first way to succeed in Business Networking is by Nurturing your Network. Make friends and contacts outside of the business aspects. With professional business workers, obtain an “in” by being their friend. Join groups and keep in touch with all your contacts, daily if possible. Networking means that you talk to people when you don’t need something, not just when you do. This makes it easier in the future when you need to ask for something, and shows that you are a true friend, not just a greedy businessperson. Be patient, some things will take time before you actually witness progress in your networking relations and in your climb to success.

Always give, ask how you can help them. You want your friends and contacts to feel important to you, so that you in turn will be important to them. What do they need that you can do for them? Anything friend wise, and business wise, do your best to help them. The best way to succeed is to find a win-win situation for both parties, and to always listen before you talk.

Know how and when to ask for help in return. When you are in need, do not be afraid to go to your business contacts and friends for help, especially if you have done your part to help them. Always be positive about your situation and what you need and talk well about yourself even if you’re having a hard time now. If you build yourself up you will look more hopeful rather than desperate.

The next thing to do is self-explanatory; make the web work for you. Be connected, use your networks, promote yourself and your business, and make and keep your friends and contacts. If you do this, the web will do all the rest and you will see that opportunities for success will come flying at you.

Last, Shake some hands. Though internet networking is extremely effective, what is even better is connect in person. Every opportunity you can meet with clients, employers, contacts, and friends on both a social and business level. If you are with them in person, your impression will last longer than simply an over the internet impression. Make direct eye- contact and before you go out anywhere know who you want you meet and why, Study and do your homework, so that when you do meet an important businessperson, or are preparing to enhance your business, you will be prepared.

Business Networking is easy if you just remember to be specific with your goals, properly use technology and social networks, and give before you take. By doing, this you will create such a strong network of peers, friends, and contacts, which we know, is a priceless commodity, especially in our economy.