No, S.M.O. does not stand for Save My Organization. However, when we follow specific, proven strategies, building social equity will do just that – Save our organizations! This happens when we use social media to improve our professional relationships!

Social Media Optimization (SMO) assists organizations in their efforts to reach out to the global market with their products and services. The most important aspect of SMO is to build a strong relationship of trust with clients, vendors, and potential clients.

There are several ways to build trust with the global market. You’ll learn many more in the complete program Building Social Equity 2.0, but here are a few free suggestions to get you started:

First, never begin a relationship as a salesperson. Start the relationship listening, not talking. The more we find out about others, the more information we will have to service their individual needs. The more we learn about others, the more avenues we will have to build social equity with them!

Second, we should always give before we get. This is tough sometimes when everyone is in a giving mood. Nevertheless, when we ask ourselves honestly, “What can we do to help this person succeed?” We will be prompted to assist them in a way that doesn’t cost our new acquaintance anything. It can be as simple as a physical Thank you card instead of an email. It might be a phone call. It might be putting them in contact with a client of ours that would benefit from our new friend’s product or service. Something that we should voice in every discussion with every business associate is the sincerely asked question “Is there anything I can do for you?” This is a proven way to build social equity and it makes us feel good too!

Third, ask for guidance and suggestions. Even competitors are willing to jump on the social media optimization wagon with us when we open lines of honest communication. These open lines of communication often create lasting partnerships. Everyone enjoys the feeling of being needed. When we ask questions, our relationship increases with our newfound contacts. To optimize social media marketing, seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Fourth, constantly seek for the best interest of others. When we are given those highly sought-after referrals, treat them like the golden eggs that they are. Our relationships with acquaintances that gave us the lead will increase when they hear from the referral that we are taking great care of them. In addition, our relationship with our new client will become a loyal, long-standing relationship with additional referrals when we are consistently seeking for their complete satisfaction. Does that mean we might have to send them somewhere else occasionally when others could serve them better? Yes. However, doing so will create a client who will never go anywhere else for our other products and services.

Most companies understand the value of trust seals. Trust seals are displayed on websites to show online consumers that the site they are on is safe, their privacy will be protected, and that if need be, they will be able to contact the businesses support team. I recommend Trust Guard Security, Privacy, and Business Identity Seals. They are convenient, cost-effective, customizable, and conducive to significantly increasing sales and conversion rates. They have a money back guarantee, just in case you’re still hesitating!

We build trust when we sincerely strive to meet and exceed the needs and wants of our clients, vendors, and potential clients. Trust is created by giving a refund when our company policy doesn’t require it.

Trust is created when we listen, give, lean on, and serve. Social media optimization (or building social equity) is all about building trust. It is a trust that we can rely on to create true business relationships – relationships that effortlessly enrich our personal lives.