Starting your own online business is not always an easy thing to do. It requires buying a domain name and hosting your chosen website, creatively designing the site, and then praying that people will come to your site to purchase your products. Some business people new to the world of e-commerce have yet to learn that social networking can help you make more money often online.


Social media marketing and online directory networking is the number one tactic that all successful online businesses use consistently. They… write articles with specific keywords for their article and then have them submitted to many different social networking and article directory sites to ensure that patrons of Google and other search engines find their website. The more articles you post to different sites, the more money you will make online. The increase in sales that a company like Articles and Submissions can create for companies can be staggering. One company grew 30% in targeted traffic after only the first month of article marketing!


By understanding the importance of e-commerce trafficking, you can create an undeniable force that attracts thousands of loyal customers. You see, social networking works best when articles are written and then manually distributed in such a way (known primarily to the experts) that Google will put them at the top of the searches, increasing your website’s page rank. The higher your page rank, the more people see you online, and the more money you make.


Writing articles and then submitting them online is really a tedious thing to do. It takes a lot of time and creative energy. However, if you take the time to do it, or outsource by paying a professional company to do it for you, the results will amaze you. I have seen dozens of struggling companies take a gamble on article marketing that have significantly increased their targeted traffic and accompanying sales in a relatively short amount of time.


Articles and is a professional article marketing company that can help get more consumers onto your website who are ready to buy your product or service.  They can help you make more money often online.