I have recently created my very own online business; and I can say that trying to generate traffic to your website on your own is not that easy.

To help me find out the best ways to increase the traffic generation to my new online website and create a greater profit for my business, I have done tons of research.

Social marketing and online networking are one of the most efficient ways to create more traffic. Why? Because everything that everyone does now-a-days is online.  Everything! Phone calls through Skype, email, web searches, weather forecasts, job applications, directories, etc., it is all online.

So if you want your business to be booming, the obvious thing you need to do is be online as well.

Connecting with social media sites is an excellent way to see and increase in consumers. Have your business be on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Hubpages. If you are on sites like these Google will see you as a social equity expert, and give your business website more online visibility.

The more online visibility you have, the more people will become your customers, and the more sales you will make.

Another great way to make more money with your online business is by writing articles online.

You may be thinking how can writing online articles really help grow a business, I know it doesn’t sound like a sure-fire way, but in actually articles and online submissions are the proven best technique to increasing traffic generation. This is because when you write an article and then post it on your website, this creates even more online visibility. People will go online and search your topic, and up will pop your article written specifically for your website.

However, you cannot just write an article and expect it to show up on Google’s number one page, the submission part of articles and submissions is the true essential key to online success. Submitting your articles to different social media networking sites online shows that your article is connected to more than just one place. The more top social equity sites you connect with, the more Google will increase your page rank.

If you search articles and submission sites, you will find the best ways to increase the amount of traffic that comes to your website. Professional submission sites use what is called a “funnel system.” This funnel system usually includes authoritative links that connect with more superiority than if you were to try to submit your own articles, it is also a lot less time. Article writing and submission definitely is extremely time consuming, that is why many people tend to put it aside. These people don’t understand how crucial it is to use articles and submissions to increase your profit, but you do.

It doesn’t matter how much time you want to set aside to write and submit daily, weekly, monthly, or even pay professionals to get the job done with the most accuracy, but spend some time or money to do it.

Online businesses that use social equity and networking are the ones that succeed, and you deserve to help your company succeed too.