The other day I was online reading interesting articles that caught my eye, and I came across one that stood out above many others. It talked about students from Pattaya’s school that recently entered in an online safety logo contest.

The Hand-in-Hand Foundation joined with the Pattaya Cultural Council and city hall to sponsor the student logo design contest. Fifth grade student Sriprathum Paosombut earned the 3,000 top prize for her logo depicting a green monster chasing a computer with the caption “Think Before Using.”

It was amazing to read about these 5th grade students that didn’t just draw pictures in hopes to win a prize, but they were there to tell their classmates, parents, and teachers how important t is to be safe online. Sriprathum, the first place winner talked about how she knows that hackers try to access her information when she is online, the green monster was the hacker. “If you aren’t safe, they’ll get you,” she said with a knowledgeable smile.

The Pattaya Department of Social Welfare consultant Niphon Karnpien said the logo contest was aimed at creating designs that can be displayed in Internet cafes, schools and other places where youths gather to alert them to the perils of online fraud and other crime. He wanted to help everyone become more aware of what goes on online, to help prevent online fraud from happening.

I loved how the Hand-in-Hand Foundation then put the winning logos on display at its South Pattaya headquarters to distribute them to online businesses around town. This will give the children a chance to become known in a business environment, and to teach businesses that if 5th graders know the importance of online safety, then they better know how crucial it is to us trust seals like the logos the children made to protect their websites as well.

Trust Guard is the company I turn to when I purchase trust seals for my online business websites. 5th graders know how important it is to have trust seals and online safety, do you?